MSc IT Project Experience

This post contains some tips and guidelines about MSc IT final semister project. 

The information mentioned in this post is mainly related to MSc IT course offered by Mumbai University and its affiliated colleges. 

MSc IT is a 2 year program and consists of 4 Semisters. In the last Semister, students have to make projects based on either Artificial Intelligence or Embedded Systems. 

Out of the possible choices, artificial intelligence projects based on image processing(preferably matlab) are a good choice as Embedded projects pose the risk of failing or not working at the last moment and are also quite complex in comparison. The examiners are not much concerned about the coding as long as you are thorough about the algorithms and logic used. Also make sure to have research papers(atleast 1) related to project and also make sure to read and understand the research papers thoroughly. Also make sure to have a complete and proper blackbook with proper diagrams.

The examiner takes from a minimum of 5 to a maximum of even 30 minutes depending on the complexity and type of project. Questions could range from your blackbook, research paper or actual project. Its fine if you have downloaded the code from the internet but make sure to atleast convince the examiner that the logic, algorithm and GUI is developed by you. Also be thorough with all diagrams and content of the blackbook. 

As a safe practice, you can do a test run and save the screen recording a day prior to project presentation so that in case if something goes wrong while running project, you can show the examiner how it is supposed to work. 

A student failing in project is quite a rare case which could happen only if your project does not run at all and/or you are not able to explain or answer anything to the examiner. All in all the key factor is confidence.

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions, doubts or suggestion for improvement. 


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